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Romio, Romio!

I love Indian artwork, and they have some beautiful pieces at The Chopra Center at La Costa.  Deepak knows an amazing artist named Romio Shrestha, and some of his paintings are hanging at the Center.  I fell in love with Romio's work the minute I saw it.  His paintings are mesmerizing, so filled with detail and meaning.  Each one tells a story, and I can just look at them for hours taking it all in.  I went to one of Romio's exhibits in Los Angeles recently and it felt great to be surrounded by all of the deities that he had painted.  It is very expensive to purchase one of the original paintings, but Romio has a collection of some of his work, in book form, for sale at a reasonable price.  Deepak Chopra wrote the foreword to the book, and Robert Thurman, another collector, wrote the afterword.  The book, called “Celestial Gallery" is oversized, so the pictures in size are large, too, though not nearly as large as the original paintings!  I got the book and framed one of the pages that is now hanging in my living room.  Romio's mandalas, painted in the ancient Tibetan tradition, are meant to inspire heightened states of intention and clarity.  When I look at this book I can see why.

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