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I see ads on TV every day for all kinds of over the counter medications for hyperacidity and indigestion.  This has to be a big problem for Americans, and given the typical American diet, I'm not surprised.  It's not just what we eat, but the way we eat it.  Ayurveda explains that we all have an internal digestive fire, agni, and when that is in balance then we can digest, assimilate, and eliminate our food with ease.  When agni is out of balance, the result can be heartburn, reflux, indigestion, hyperacidity, or even ulcers.  Besides eating healthy meals, and following the recommendations for eating the ayurvedic way (take time to eat, largest meal at lunch, etc), there are ayurvedic herbs which call help relieve stomach problems.  Ayur-Relief, from Balance Ayurvedic, is a dietary supplement that acts as a kind of herbal antacid.  It reduces inflammation of the stomach's mucous membrane, and relieves the pain of indigestion.

Ayur Relief - Balance Ayurvedic

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