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Happy Travels

The travel experience varies greatly with the doshas.  Kaphas are strong and sturdy travelers; travel is actually good for them because it is so stimulating.  Pittas thrive on travel, if it's work related then they are totally in their element, and if it's a vacation then it's finally time when they can relax.  But Vatas, oh, Vatas have such a difficult time with travel.  They like being in the new place, but getting there can be pretty miserable for them.  Motion aggravates Vata, and a plane ride obviously involves a lot of motion.  Not only that, but the air is dry, and often cold, and there is a lot of noise, these are all problems for Vata.  What to do?  As a seasoned Vata traveler I think I've got it down.  The day of travel, give yourself a sesame oil massage, or abhyanga.  Pack some massage oil with you so that you can do this massage daily on your trip.  Dress in layers, wear cotton clothing next to the skin.  Drink warm herbal tea throughout the flight, ginger or chamomile are good.  To help stay hydrated while balancing Vata, eat some salted almonds.  Meditate.  And to deal with the noise, use ear plugs in those sensitive Vata ears.  I recently treated myself to some noise-canceling headphones and it makes a huge difference.  When you land, it will take awhile to feel grounded, but a good night's sleep will really help.

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