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Guided Meditations

There are many different types of meditation, which serve many different purposes.  Sometimes it is difficult for us to settle the mind down on our own, so a guided meditation is a useful tool to have.  Davidji is the Chopra Center’s lead meditation teacher and has he taught thousands of people all over the world to tap into the stillness and silence that rests within.  Lucky for us, davidji has created a wonderful collection of his Guided Meditations, so that we can have his wisdom with us at any time.  Imagine if you could be the peace amidst the chaos – the calm inside the storm.  These Guided Meditations are for everyone who has an interest in bringing more wholeness into their life.  Whether you are new to meditation, or have been practicing for many years, you will find that these meditations are a profound partner in your personal empowerment and transformation.  Included are meditations for peace, emotional healing, physical healing, awakening, gratitude and much more. 

Davidji: Guided Meditations – on amazon


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