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“Navaratri” is also known as the Nine Nights of the Goddess.  It is a series of nine nights celebrated 4 times a year, when creative energy is at its peak.  In India, the two most celebrated times of Navaratri are in the Fall and in the Spring.  The first three nights are for the Durga, who represents the power to destroy negativity, fear and evil.  To honor this energy, do some spring cleaning, open up the windows and let in some fresh air, and get rid of old “stuff” you have laying around the house.  The next three are for Lakshmi, who embodies the energy of luxury, wealth and power.  Invite Lakshmi into your life by dressing up, sprucing up the house, and entertaining your friends.  And the last three nights are for Saraswati, who engages inspiration, motivation, knowledge, and both arts and science.  To invoke Saraswati’s energy, take a class, read a book, go to a museum.

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