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Face Reading

We read faces all the time.  We know when someone is happy, or angry, or worried because it shows on the face, they don’t even have to say a word.  Yet there is much more to face reading than this.  Face reading is a science that is practiced all over the world, and is thought to have originated in India as a part of Vedic Psychology.  Face reading studies the relationship between facial muscles and emotions.  There are 196 muscles in the face, and each muscle can have from two to nine different positions.  So there is a lot of subtlety in our emotions that is expressed on the face.  In Sankya Yoga, emotions are discussed as to how they are influenced by desire, and unfulfilled desire.  According to Vedic philosophy, emotions are the most prominent result of the soul’s self-realization.  Face reading gives us a system to examine the information that the emotions convey through the body.  I haven’t found any books specifically on Vedic face reading readily available, but there is a great website that offers more of an explanation: howtoreadfaces.com.  The Vedic system is very intuitive, using pattern recognition.  The Chinese science of face reading, while similar, is more linear and gives more emphasis to specific physical features.

The Wisdom of Your Face – on amazon


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