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Ayurveda and Education

Ayurveda is the Science of Life.  It is comprehensive, and applies to all aspects of life, including education.  The Vedic education system that existed in ancient India has many examples that we can learn from and possibly even apply to our schools today.  The teacher’s home was also the school, and a small group of students studied there and stayed there, away from the hectic life of the city so they could concentrate on their work.  This residence was called a “gurukula” or the family of the teacher.  This approach is relationship based, where knowledge flowed freely.  There was not an emphasis on memorization or passing exams.  Vedic education was designed to be individual-oriented, allowing each student to learn in their own way, with their own strengths.  It takes into account each student’s needs, and interests.  The idea is that education should be personal, rather than mechanical.  What is most important is the development of character of the student.  It sees education as holistic, helping students to grow in body, mind and spirit, as individuals who will contribute to family, society and country.


Speed Mathematics Using the Vedic System

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