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Vastu and Relationships

Vastu Shastra is one of the texts found in the Vedas, an ancient body of knowledge from India.  Vastu explains how natural laws are universal, and that when we learn to apply these laws to our home or office, our life will flourish.  Robin and Michael Mastro were our Vastu experts on DoshaSpace and they’ve followed us over to intent.com.  They’ve just released a new book that shows us how to use Vastu to create a beautiful love relationship.  “Making Room for Mr. Right” uses three of the ancient tenets of Vastu Shastra to inspire us to be proactive about making room for our soul mate.  The Mastros say that Vastu is “yoga for relationships!”  Vastu eliminates the stress in finding a partner.  Some of the tools they teach us to use include the relationship altar, yantras & mantras, color, gems, and scent.  This is an informative and enlightening book that is full of intriguing exercises and step-by-step instructions.  This book could literally change your life!

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