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Ayurveda and Green Tea

Green tea is known throughout the world for its medicinal properties.  It’s the abundance of antioxidants in the tea leaves that make it so beneficial.  Antioxidants slow or prevent the oxidation of other molecules.  Oxidation reactions in molecules can create free radicals, that can turn into disease.  Antioxidants are also important to overall cell health.  Healthy cells mean less chance of disease.  So antioxidants are an important part of preventative health care.  Green tea is also known to reduce the negative effects of “bad cholesterol”(LDL) by making more “good cholesterol” (HDL).  Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine.  Adaptogens help to reduce the negative effects of daily stress.  Like green tea, Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is rich in antioxidants and promotes a healthy metabolism.  Tulsi Green Tea from Organic India is an invigorating blend of two extraordinarily potent, naturally restorative plants.  It’s delicious, toasty flavor makes for an excellent afternoon pick-me-up.

Tulsi Green Tea from Organic India

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