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Ghee is clarified butter, and the preferred oil to cook with in Ayurveda.  Ghee is also used in some beauty treatments.  You can buy ghee in most health food stores, and you can also make your own ghee at home.  To make ghee, put one pound of unsalted butter into a saucepan and heat slowly until completely melted.  Turn the heat down to low.  The melted butter appears cloudy, and at first a white foam rises to the top.  The foam then falls to the bottom as the melted butter starts to clear, and the sediment is more visible at the bottom.  Simmer until the sediment becomes golden brown and the rest of the liquid becomes clear and golden.  At this point it kind of smells like popcorn!  Remove from heat and cool for 10 minutes.  Line a strainer with cheesecloth or muslin and place over a glass jar.  Pour the ghee through the strainer, taking care not to pour in any of the sediment.  As the ghee cools it will solidify.  It does not need to be refrigerated.

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