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Jesus in India

Jesus taught a philosophy very similar to that of the Bhakti Yoga (Devotion) movement in India.  Many say that the messages are so aligned that there may have been a direct connection between Jesus and India.  Ancient Pali manuscripts refer to “Saint Issa,” and the name Issa is the Indic form of Jesus.  The texts mention his journey in the land of the Ganges.  Many writers, such as Edgar Cayce and Andreas Faber-Kaiser, say that Jesus traveled through India from age 13 through 30.  The Bible talks of Jesus’s life from birth through age twelve, and then of his ministry from age 30 until his death at age 33.  While there is no concrete proof that these stories of Jesus in India are true, it would certainly explain a lot.  I understand that there is a movie in the works that speculates about this time period in Jesus’s life and I look forward to seeing it!

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