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Feeling a little out of balance from overindulging during the holiday season?  You’re probably not getting enough fiber.  The lack of fiber in the typical American diet may be a contributing factor in the rising rates of heart disease, obesity and digestive problems in the west.  Ayurveda has a solution: Psyllium!  Psyllium is an excellent dietary fiber that helps to bring much-needed regularity to your system.  It is often recommended as a convenient way to maintain gastrointestinal health because it both soothes the digestive system and supports heart health.  Psyllium is one of India’s largest export crops, providing 85% of the world’s supply. Organic India has partnered with a select group of organic farmers in India to create the purest and highest quality psyllium products, grown on certified organic farmland.  This is good for the farmers, and good for us!  The Organic Tri-Active Blends combines Psyllium with Inulin (a prebiotic that helps to grow beneficial bacteria needed to maintain a healthy colon), Aloe Vera Leaf, and Marshmallow Root.  It comes in three yummy flavors: orange, peach, and chocolate, so it can be a regular part of your ayurvedic lifestyle routine.

Tri-Active Blends from Organic India

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