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Ayurveda and Organic

Ayurveda teaches us to eat the freshest food possible.  Organic is best because besides being fresh, there are no pesticides used.  We can also go organic in our homes and offices.  Consider using products that come from nature when making purchases.  For example, a wicker wastebasket is more lovely to look at than a plastic one, and does the job equally well.  Glass is made from sand, and ceramic is made from clay, evoking the element of earth.  Both can be used as candle holders, dishware, picture frames and more.  Wood looks rich and beautiful and adds another natural element to décor.  Fill a basket with pinecones or chestnuts and bring it indoors.  Or display some seashells and seaglass.  You’ll have a something beautiful to look at, and also get the natural fragrances from nature, too.  Fresh cut flowers add color, and plants freshen the air!


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