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Ayurveda and Indigestion

Digestion is very important to our health, and Ayurveda has many suggestions for how to improve our digestion.  Many times people who have an overabundance of pitta become imbalanced and it shows up as acid indigestion.  Pitta types are prone to hyperacidity, and peptic ulcers.  Stress, impatience, anger, and heat can also aggravate pitta.  What to do if you have are experiencing indigestion?  Avoid pitta aggravating foods like citrus fruits and juices, vinegar, tomatoes, spicy foods, fried foods, salty foods, onions and garlic.  Also, avoid alcohol.  Do not skip meals.  An empty stomach makes more stomach acid.  Eat breakfast, even if you are not hungry in the morning.  Eat something even if it is just a little bit.  If you skip breakfast you can be too hungry at lunchtime, and overeat.  Meditate to relieve stress.  Enjoy the beauty of nature.  Favor cool foods and drinks.  Coconut juice is especially good for pacifying the pitta dosha.

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