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Spiritual Jewelry

A traditional Indian mala has 108 beads, that can be used for reciting mantras, or prayers.  A mala can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet.  When the stones touch the skin, they have a healing effect on the body.  The holiday season is upon us, and a mala makes a lovely and personal gift.  The Empowerment Mala is inspired by the traditional mala, and is an especially beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry.  It has a Quartz Crystal as its center stone, or meru bead.  Quartz Crystal has a cooling effect on the body, and it increases stamina and self-confidence.  The mala is embellished with Carnelian beads, fresh water pearls, and Tulsi rudrani beads.  Carnelian has been known to increase spiritual wisdom, insight and clarity of thought.  Fresh Water Pearls symbolize purity, and stimulate the mind in clarity and wisdom.  Pearls are also said to enhance personal integrity, focus attention, and increase physical vitality.  Tulsi is considered to be more powerful than any gen in the protection from negative influences.  It is excellent for meditation, as it increases the power of prayer, devotion, and spiritual growth.  Tulsi brings with it the gift of creativity and a pure, joyous, and harmonious life.  Wearing Tulsi is said to awaken the love that is naturally in our hearts.  

 Empowerment Mala from Organic India

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