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Ashwagandha, also known as Winter Cherry, is a traditional Ayurvedic herb.  It has been called the Indian Ginseng because of the way it rejuvenates the nervous system and minimizes the negative effects of stress.  When taken in the morning, it gives great energy to be used throughout the busy day.  Ashwagandha can also be effectively used for sleep.  The most common cause of insomnia is not having too much energy, but actually having too little.  At the end of a stressful day, we end up feeling both wired and tired.  When taken before bed, Ashwagandha provides the body with the energy it needs to settle itself down naturally for a good night’s sleep.  Containing the tastes of sweet, bitter, and astringent, Ashwagandha helps to balance both Vata and Kapha.  There are many conditions in which Vata and Kapha are out of balance, and that are difficult to treat – but Ashwagandha, a powerful rasayana, or remedy, offers a great solution.  It can be used to treat arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and more.  Organic India uses only organically grown Ashwagandha Root in its pure, revitalizing form.

Ashwaganda from Organic India

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