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The Bindi

Bindi (or sometimes called bindu) in Sanskrit means “seed” or “point.”  It is a point where energy converges to create the potential to manifest.  In India, people often wear a red dot between the eyebrows at the sixth chakra, a very potent point on the body.  This dot symbolizes the third Eye and the wisdom that connects us to the divine.  The red bindi is made from a mixture of turmeric, iodine, camphor and other substances.  Other bindis may be made from ground sandalwood and musk.  Ash, like the ash that comes from burned incense, is often used in spiritual rituals.  The bindi is also the center point of the yantra, a geometrical diagram used to represent the connection between the physical and the divine.  Bindis are sometimes worn as ornamentation, and can be quite exquisite.

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