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Eye Examination

Another way that Ayurvedic practitioners can evaluate our doshas and diagnose our condition is with an eye examination.  It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and in ayurveda, they are a kind of window to the state of our health.  When looking at the eyes, the practitioner considers the size, shape, color and contour of the eyes.  Vata eyes tend to be small with drooping eyelids and dry eyelashes.  Pitta eyes are average in size and hypersensitive to light.  Kapha eyes are large with long, thick eyelashes.  The practitioner also looks at the eyebrow, the eyelid, and the colors in the eye.  To get a good look at the iris, pupil and sclera, the practitioner may use an iridoscope, a tool with a magnifying glass and a small lightbulb.  All of the organs are represented in different places in the eye, so the practitioner looks for any marks or spots that may indicate an imbalance.


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