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Ayurveda and Raw Foods

There's a big trend now toward eating raw foods.  I can understand the principle behind it, raw foods and juices are very cleansing and energizing, they contain a lot of natural intelligence.  Sprouts have enzymes which help with digestion, and some of the spicier sprouts help to eliminate toxins, which Ayurveda calls.  However, for the nutrients in food to be properly assimilated into the body, it must be cooked.  Cooking happens either outside the body, the conventional way with heat in the kitchen, or it can be cooked in the stomach.  The digestive system has to be really strong to provide enough energy to cook the food inside the body.  Pittas can handle eating raw foods, and Kaphas can eat some raw foods, particularly during Pitta season.  But in general, raw foods are not good for Vatas.  Because of their sensitive digestion, Vatas need to favor warm, cooked foods.

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