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Ayurvedic Energy

Having a lot of energy is a sign that we are very healthy.  When we feel a lack of energy, or fatigue, then it is time to look at our diet and lifestyle to make sure that we’re doing out best to stay in balance.  Some foods actually deplete our bodies of energy, or impair its ability to absorb nutrients and are best avoided: refined carbohydrates, white sugar, alcohol, and high fat foods.  Fatty or heavy foods impair absorption by coating the inside of the intestinal walls.  Stimulants, like caffeine, and tobacco, as well as white sugar, affect our blood sugar levels and stress out the endocrine system, and fatigue is the end result.  Instead, choose natural sweeteners, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts.  Make sure you eat at regular times, and in a harmonious environment.

Sleep is also important.  It’s not just the quantity of sleep that we get, but the quality of sleep we get each night.  This is the time for our bodies to recharge.

And of course, exercise, fresh air, and sunshine is important to support the energy in our body and mind.  Our minds can be fatigued by overwork, depression, or boredom.  It’s easy to feel the effects of stress when we’re indoors much of the time.  A good dose of the outdoors does wonders!  Yoga, a morning walk and deep breathing, are also helpful to both release energy blocks and to keep good energy flowing.

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