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Hanuman is also known as the Monkey God.  He has the body of a man and the face of a monkey.  Hanuman represents discernment.  He is clever.  He uses his wits to accomplish feats that might otherwise seem impossible.  Since Hanuman as mastery over the principles of gravity and matter, he can do anything!  And he is a reminder to us that when we put our minds to it, we can do anything, too.  There is a story that explains how Hanuman even was able to avoid the influence of the planet Saturn.  Saturn came to Hanuman and said: "You may be the mighty Hanuman, but even you must have your time under the rules of Saturn."  Hanuman greeted Saturn and replied: "Thank you, I accept that you are doing your job.  And since you recognize me as the mighty Hanuman, may I ask you one favor?" Since Hanuman was so polite, Saturn agreed, and Hanuman said: "I wish that you would come back tomorrow, and not start this work today." So Saturn left.  The next day Saturn came back, and was about to go to work influencing Hanuman with his energy, when Hanuman reminded Saturn of his promise: "You said you would come back tomorrow, not today." Day after day went by with the same routine until Saturn finally gave up and left Hanuman alone.

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