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Organic Farming in India

Approximately two-thirds of India's population depends upon farming for their livelihoods.  In Ayurveda, many of the herbs that are recommended grow only in India, so many of the supplements we take come from plants that are farmed there.  Organic farming is the practice of growing crops without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.  Instead, organic farming uses crop rotation, organic fertilizers, and plant based pesticides and herbicides to maintain productivity.  While this is beneficial for obvious health reasons, it is also of great benefit for the environment.  Farming organically is one way we can reduce the negative effects of global warming.  It also helps to keep harmful chemicals out of our eco-system.  In India, there are farms that have gone totally organic.  Organic India is one company that supports this practice by working with thousands of family farmers who cultivate organic farmland.  They are also going beyond organic, and using biodynamic agriculture, a holistic program that helps to actually restore the balance and health of the eco-system.  We can encourage this industry and contribute to a better world by buying products that have been grown organically, and we reap the health benefits as well!  Organic farming is a win for everyone, as it also helps to support the farmers by bringing a living wage and vital training to thousands of Indian people.

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