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Many of us are first introduced to the beautiful, ancient language of Sanskrit in yoga class.  The greeting “Namaste" means “the divine in me honors the divine in you."  We learn some of the Sanskrit names for the various poses, or “asanas" and some simple chants.  I named our e-course about Ayurveda “ananda" which means bliss.  Sanskrit is wonderful because it is so layered with meaning.  I have been getting Sanskrit audio recordings for years from The American Sanskrit Institute.  Vyaas Houston, the founder of ASI, says: “The chanting of Sanskrit as preparation to meditation is the vehicle. It tunes the body, mind and senses to a finer frequency and then provides the road map, ancient truths concisely state in exacting terms that glide through the mind with a minimum of effort." They have a great website where you can learn more about Sanskrit.  One day I hope to master the language!<br><a href="http://www.americansanskrit.com">http://www.americansanskrit.com</a><br><br>

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