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Anti-Aging and Ayurveda

Living an ayurvedic lifestyle helps us to feel energetic and look good!  Most people who live ayurvedically look a lot younger than their chronological age.  A lot of the reason for this is simply that we take care of ourselves, but it's also that ayurveda has certain recommendations to keep the skin and hair in excellent condition.  We all know that the sun can be damaging to the skin, but it's also a source of energy for the mind and body.  The sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption and healthy bones.  Doctors say that 15 minutes of direct exposure to the sun will help us to get our minimum daily requirement of Vitamin D.  So, we need to maximize the benefits of the sun, while at the same time protecting our skin from damage.  Avoid exposure to the sun in the midday, when the sun is the hottest.  And avoid long exposure to the sun when you are angry, hungry or upset, as these factors increase body heat and make the skin more sensitive.  Pitta types need to always wear sunscreen, and keep a hat and sunglasses handy.  Avoid soaps and shampoos that contain harsh chemicals.  Synthetic fragrances can be irritating because they affect the emotions.  Look for products with all-natural ingredients that balance and nourish all seven layers of the skin.  And, of course, eat fresh, organic foods whenever possible.  Chemicals and preservatives that are in foods accumulate in the liver and kidneys and are released with sweat through the skin.  Keep the body hydrated by drinking, and bathing in the purest, filtered water.<br><br>

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