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Valentine's and Doshas

Thinking of what to do for your Valentine this year?  Let Ayurveda help you out!  Use your honey's dosha to come up with the perfect romantic surprise.  When it comes to the senses, each dosha has one or two that are dominant.  Vatas are most sensitive to touch and sound.  So for your Vata sweetie, plan for time to cuddle in front of a warm fire, and listen to soft, calming music.  Or if you're daring enough, treat your Vata to a warm almond oil massage, and play nature sounds, like ocean waves, in the background.  Pittas are visual creatures.  For them you want to put on a show!  Set the scene with beautiful flowers, and flattering lighting.  Wear your best outfit, and present your sweetheart with a framed photo of the two of you.  Kaphas will melt when you indulge their senses of taste and smell.  Feed them their favorite meal, or sweet chocolate covered strawberries while they close their eyes and enjoy.  End the evening with an aromatherapy bubble bath.<br><br>

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