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A puja is a kind of prayer, a Hindu ceremony of devotion.  In India this is performed either in temples, or in the home.  The five elements are honored: air, space, fire, water and earth.  There are various chants or songs that are presented.  It is a ritual that involves all of the senses.  Traditionally, there is an offering of fruit and flowers, and incense is lit.  Bells ring, and camphor is circled around.  This is a beautiful experience, filled with symbolism and love.  I found this great site that has “virtual" pujas online, we can click on the incense, flowers, camphor, coconut and bell and get a glimpse of what a puja is like.  It's fun, and there's no cost, check it out!<br><a href="http://www.eprarthana.com/virtual/vganesh.asp"><br>http://www.eprarthana.com/virtual/vganesh.asp</a><br><br>

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