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Vastu and Altars

Vastu Shastra is India's sacred science of architecture, and it is a sister science of Ayurveda, both dating back more than 6,000 years.  Vastu gives us guidelines for arranging our environments so that they are in alignment with the energy of the universe.  It can also help us to create altars for ourselves to attract or enhance certain energies in various areas of our lives.  In India, there are altars in just about every home, temple, or building.  I love the beauty and meaning behind altars, so I have placed one in my office, one in the entry way to my home, and one in my bedroom.  I was lucky enough to have Michael Mastro, a Vastu Shastra master, come to my home for a Vastu consultation.  It was fascinating!  He gave me lots of great tips, including having a representation of each of the 5 elements on each altar.  Michael and his wife, Robin, have written a beautiful book: “Altars of Power and Grace: Create the Life You Desire." There are colors photographs throughout to illustrate how we can achieve harmony, health, fulfillment, and prosperity with personal altars based on Vastu Shastra.  They're giving our subscribers a special offer, check the banner below for more details!<br><br>

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