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Blissful Relationships

Ayurveda teaches us that there is a connection between our behavior and our health.  Positive behaviors have a positive impact on our relationships, and also on our physical health and peace of mind.  The ayurvedic texts list some “Behavior Rasayanas‚"¯ or guidelines that help us to cultivate natural, healthy behaviors.  These include being truthful, calm, and free from anger.  In Ayurveda, we are taught that love is unconditional.  We are meant to love what is, not what we think “should be." Love comes from the heart.  The mind is always trying to impose its conditions, yet we are happiest when we surrender to our heart and allow ourselves to feel the love that is always there.  Love is free, and giving.  Our relationships are blissful when we honor our commitments and give love without reservation.  We can nurture the health of our relationships by practicing acceptance, thinking before we speak or act, and spending time with nature.

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