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Fall Foods

In the northern hemisphere we're right in the thick of Vata season, when the weather is cold and dry.  There is a change in the external environment, and our internal one, as well.  It's times like these when our immunity is compromised, and we're more susceptible to illness.  To boost our natural immunity, and stay in balance, it is a good idea to favor Vata pacifying foods at this time of year.  The basic rule for the Vata diet is to eat warm, cooked foods.  Warm drinks such as cider or Vata tea are also very soothing.  Try to avoid cold sandwiches and salads, or cold cereal.  Instead, have some oatmeal and a baked apple or pear for breakfast, and some pasta or stir-fry for lunch.  Caffeine is a notorious Vata aggravator so avoid it at all costs.  Hearty soups make a delicious dinner served with some warm bread.  In addition to paying attention to their diets, Vata types need to remember to stay warm, get enough sleep, and keep their ears covered when they go outside.

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