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Ayurvedic Music Therapy

In ancient India, music was practiced as a form of medicine.  Classical Indian music, or “rags" has been shown to have amazing healing and mind-balancing qualities.  There are a variety of rags for different times of day, and they are also adjusted for seasonal changes.  The melodies evoke many different moods and emotions.  There are certain tones, and instruments, which can help to balance the doshas, too.  When we produced our Dosha Yoga DVD, we hired a music therapist in India to compose and create 3 specific and unique dosha balancing musical pieces just for us, one for each of our routines.  When you do the exercises, you get that added benefit of the therapeutic music.  I like it so much I often just play the DVD for the music, it feels great playing in the background while I'm working on the computer.

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