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Ayurvedic Peace of Mind

Ayurveda explains that our state of mind is instrumental in the condition of our health and well-being.  Ayurveda also gives us advice on how to cultivate a healthy state of mind so that we can live a balanced and healthy life.  For example:
-Take in positive impressions.  This can be a challenge in our western culture as we are often inundated by negativity.  Seek out uplifting and inspiring works that make you feel good about life in general.
-Release negative emotions.  Holding on to negativity can be toxic.  Find healthy outlets for emotions so that they don't eat away at you.
-Feel good about yourself and who you are.  Develop positive self-worth and self-esteem.
-Keep in mind that the ultimate goal in life is awareness, or moksha.
-Surround yourself with beauty and harmony in your home.
-Take time for rest and time to just be happy.
-Get some sunshine and fresh air daily.  Use full spectrum light bulbs in the darker winter months.
-Spend time in nature.  Take walks, garden, smell the flowers.
-Visit natural bodies of water, a river, the ocean, a creek or a waterfall.
-Spend time in silence, meditate, chant, or pray.

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