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Bringing in Prosperity

Vastu is the Indian science of architecture and placement.  It is a sister science to Ayurveda, and the seed from which Feng Shui came about.  Vastu teaches us how to live in harmony with our environment, so that the elements work for us naturally.  We can also use Vastu to bring in some of the energies we want to create in our lives.  For example: prosperity!  The most efficient way to enhance the flow of abundance is to get rid of the clutter in your home or office.  Clutter is stagnant, and it is an obstacle to success.  Clutter weighs down our thinking, and stifles creativity.  It makes it more difficult for us to move around freely.  When we remove clutter, we make space for prosperity to come in.  Say goodbye to old magazines, newspapers and piles of paper.  Organize your important files so that you can find them on a moments notice.  Store away things that you don't need all the time so that they're not in your way.  Give any unused or outdated items to charity.  It is said that one person's “junk"is another person's treasure!  Clearing away clutter is energizing.  It says to the universe that you trust that it will provide for you, and it will!

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