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Mala beads are an important accessory for those of us into the Vedic way of life.  They can come in strands of 108, or in bracelet versions of 27 beads.  When repeating the mantra using a wrist mala we just go 4 rounds instead of 1.  I found some really beautiful wrist malas from India and got a few for the coffeyshop.  One is a moonstone and rudraksha combination.  Moonstone is known to bring good luck and grant wishes.  It is very balancing for Pitta.  Rudrakshas promote inner peace and enlightenment.  Another mala is made from garnet and sterline silver.  Garnet gives vitality and strength.  It represents fire, faith, courage and compassion.  We also have a mala made from peridot and quartz crystal.  Peridot is an exceptionally cleansing and healing stone, especially for the heart chakra.  It brings abundance and prosperity.  Quartz crystal is very healing.  The Navaratna bracelet is really special.  Navaratna refers to the nine gemstones related to the nine planets used in Vedic astrology.  Nava means “nine" and ratna means “gem" in Sanskrit.  This mala brings protection because it delivers the benefits of all the nine planetary gemstones simultaneously.  It brings good health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind.

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