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Doshas and Romantic Styles

Vatas are creative.  They like to mix things up.  They are spontaneous.  Their dominant senses are touch and sound, so they love to give and get massages, and listening to exotic music gets them going.  Vatas like to have fun, and will always surprise you!  When romancing a Vata, it's important to keep the room warm, as Vatas get cold easily.

Pittas are more practical.  They are very organized and planned-out in their romantic approach.  They don't like to spend money generally, but they will splurge on luxuries, like a weekend-getaway or a beautiful diamond bracelet.  Their dominant sense is sight - so they like to look at beautiful things, a view, a sunset, or a sexy video, to get in the mood.  When romancing a Pitta, remember to create beautiful lighting, with candles or firelight.  Pittas run hot, so keep the room cool and they'll be comfortable.  

Kaphas are loving and romantic, sentimental.  They remember things like the anniversary date of their first kiss!  Their dominant senses are taste and smell, so they are drawn to things like a romantic dinner for two, or scented candles, or fragrant flowers.  A wonderful bubble bath, with some bubbly champagne is just the ticket for the sensual Kapha.  Try feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries!

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