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Just as love is a dance between two people, life is a dance between us and the universe.  We are all one, so what affects the universe affects each one of us in some way.  And it works both ways!  The Vedic sages have studied this dance and come up with a system for working with cosmic energy to help guide us along the way.

Vedic astrology is called “Jyotish."  In Sanskrit, jyot means “light, and ish comes from the word ishwara, which means nature.  Jyotish is known as “the study of light."  The light is the light from the stars and the planets, and also the light of consciousness.  Like Ayurveda, Jyotish gives us tools for learning about other people and ourselves and how we relate.  Used with Ayurveda, Jyotish adds an interesting dimension to the way we look at relationships.

I have recently become friends with one of the most well-regarded Jyotish practitioners in the United States, Howard Beckman.  He has made an offer just for our subscribers.  When you order any reading, a compatibility analysis, or a birth chart, you will receive a f/ree gemstone recommendation!  Greg and I had our gemstone recommendations done and got each other rings for Christmas.  They're so beautiful and powerful!  Visit Howard's site and see all that he has going on, it's amazing!  And if you contact him for a reading, give him the password: “Doshamatch" so that you get your bonus!

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