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Doshas and Age

We are born with our dosha, and our unique balance of the 3 doshas is like our fingerprint.  However, as the seasons change, and as we age, we are more influenced by particular doshas.  From the time we are born, up until about age 20, we are more Kapha-like.  Kaphas are loving, mellow, and care-free.  While we are children, we don't have as many worries, and we haven't had as many life experiences, so it is easier for us to be more open, loving, and compassionate.  From about age 20 to age 40, we are more influenced by Pitta.  We are more ambitious by nature, thinking about our career, wanting to make money, buy a home for our family, and working hard to accomplish our goals.  After age 40 we are more strongly influenced by Vata.  Our skin becomes more dry, we are more sensitive to weather, and we might worry more than we did before.

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