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Abhyanga is a self massage which is good for keeping all the doshas in balance.  It helps moisturize the skin, helps to release toxins, and also helps to tone the muscles.  Sesame oil is usually recommended in general and is very good for Vatas.  Almond oil is also good for Vata.  Coconut and sunflower both work well for Pitta.  Corn and olive oils are beneficial for balancing Kapha.   The massage can be done in the morning before your shower, or in the evening before bed.  Start by warming the oil to skin temperature, and drizzle a small amount of oil into the palms of your hands.  Massage the top of your scalp (on days when you wash your hair), pay particular attention to the circumference of your ears, and the soles of your feet.   Massage with long strokes on your limbs, and round strokes on your joints.  It's best to leave the oil on the body for 20 minutes before washing it off in a warm shower or bath. 

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