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Ayurveda and Kids

If you have kids you know that there is always some bug that's “going around" and your kid is bound to come home with it sooner or later.  Kids have their own little set of health issues that they face, it's just part of growing up.  My first born had ear infections one after the other.  My younger son constantly battles IBS and digestive problems.  My nephew has asthma.  My niece has allergies.  It seems like every kid has something that they have to deal with.  Having a knowledge of Ayurveda can be so helpful in parenting!   When you know your child's dosha, you can strive to keep him or her in balance, so that these little issues are not such a nuisance.  I have a basic introduction to Ayurveda and parenting in the“What's Your Dosha, Baby?" book.  And if you'd like to learn more about Ayurvedic health care for children, John Douillard has a wonderful book called, “Perfect Health for Kids."  So many of his suggestions are applicable to adults, as well.  Everything from ways to stay fully hydrated, to tips for different learning styles.

Perfect Health for Kids by John Douillard - on amazon

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