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Ayurvedic Weight Control

The new year is almost here, and one of the most popular resolutions made is to maintain better weight control.  The Ayurvedic approach to weight control is very simple and straightforward.  Kapha types tend to have the most trouble with weight imbalance.  Kaphas have a slower metabolism, so they are more prone to weight gain.  Kapha is made up of earth and water, so to boost metabolism one strategy is to increase the fire element.  Flavor foods with spicy spices like pepper, ginger and curries.  Eat foods that are easy to digest: warm, light and cooked.  Nothing fried, and avoid dairy and sugar.  Pittas can also have issues with weight gain, which is usually caused when digestive enzymes are out of whack and there is too much acid.  In this case there is an abundance of fire, so spicy foods are not good.  Instead, what Pittas can do to improve this condition is to eat three meals a day.  Sweet, juicy fruits like pears and peaches are great for Pittas, as are licorice and fennel seed.  Pittas also need to be sure to get to bed before 10 pm, when Pitta time kicks in and they get the munchies.  When Vata types gain weight it is usually due to stress.  To reduce stress, it is important for Vatas to meditate twice a day and to keep a regular routine.  Vatas also need to remember to eat in a relaxed atmosphere and not rush through their meals.

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