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Dosha Design

Last March I wrote a little bit about Vastu, the Indian science of architecture and placement.  Vastu actually pre-dates Feng Shui, and it is upon Vastu that Feng Shui was based.  And yet it is not as well known as Feng Shui.  I learned about Vastu when I was researching my “What's Your Dosha" book, so there is some basic information about it in there.  Since then I have learned much more, and I am absolutely fascinated by Vastu!  When I designed my new house I used the principles of Vastu, and I have incorporated the science into my design business, which is now named Dosha Design.  Of course, we have a website!  www.DoshaDesign.com - and if you're interested you can check out my portfolio there and see photos of my new place, before, during and after the renovation.

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