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Prosperity Kavach

A Kavach is an Indian pendant that has been infused with spiritual energy.  When I was speaking at the Mind Body Beyond Expo in Los Angeles, I came across a gentleman who had brought some Lakshmi Kavach from South India.  He was selling them to raise money for one of the temples in India.    Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and beauty. 

The Kavach is made of silver, and on the outside is written in Sanskrit “I Honor the Glorious Divine Mother" with the English transliteration “Sri Matre Namah." This is mantric phrase and it the firstname mentioned in the famous sacred text “Lalitha Sahasranama." A Sri Yantra stamped in thin copper is hand rolled and placed inside the Kavach.  This Yantra has been charged to help bring fulfillment to all your desires.  Divinely charged ash from a fire ceremony fills the Kavach as well.  Finally, the Kavach is placed inside the Goddess Shakti Temple in Chennai, South India.  This temple is dedicated to Lakshmi. 

There are many different types of Kavach, dedicated to various intentions. You can create your own based on symbolism that has significance to you.  "Charge" it with energy on your altar by setting it near a candle and chanting.  And remember your intention every time you wear it.

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