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Neti and Nasya

Neti is the ayurvedic technique to clear the sinuses using warm salt water.  Using a neti pot, you can gently pour the water into one nostril and allow it to drain out the other nostril.  This is really good for times when you feel congested or are bothered by allergies.  As we are getting into Vata season, when the weather is cold and dry, and we are often indoors where the air is heated and dry, it is important to keep the sinuses lubricated.  When the sinuses are dried out, they overcompensate by creating excess mucus, which can be a breeding ground for infections.  Salt water can also dry out the sinuses, so it is a good idea to follow up the Neti with Nasya.  To lubricate the sinuses, sniff some sesame oil.  Put a few drops of warm sesame oil on a cotton swab and sniff deeply through each nostril.  Another way to keep sinuses moist during this time of year is to use a humidifier in your home.

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