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It's Bliss

Ananda means bliss is Sanskrit.  Bliss helps to keep us healthy, both mind and body.  It feels good!  Like laughter, it boosts our immune system and actually heals us.  So how do we get more ananda in our lives?  Ah!  Be loving.  That's the simple answer.  Practice“ahimsa," or nonviolence in thought, speech and action.  Eating fresh, wholesome foods that are easier to digest also helps us to increase ananda.  Following an Ayurvedic daily routine helps us to stay stress-free and sleep better.  And the best things we can do to increase ananda is to meditate twice a day.  Meditation allows us to experience the bliss that is an essential part of who we are.  It helps us to have better health, improved relationships, and a calm and clear state of mind.  Ananda is a quality of pure consciousness, and it is our natural state of being.

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