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Watching the Moon

In Vedic philosophy there are many cycles in nature to which we are subtly attuned.  The moon (“candra, in Sanskrit) is one of these.  The new moon is a time to start new projects.  There is a fresh new energy that helps us to accelerate our progress as the moon grows.  When the moon is full and bright, that's when our efforts bring our desires into fruition.  As the moon is waning, that's the time to wrap things up, tie up loose ends, and decelerate in preparation for what is coming up next.

We can do rituals on the day of the full moon and the new moon to kind of harvest this energy and use it to our best advantage.  Light some candles, sit under the stars, chant, or meditate.  Tomorrow is the new moon for July.  See how this cycles influences your activity this month heading towards the full moon on July 21.

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