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Everything is Coming Up Roses

Roses have always been associated with love and romance, so it's no surprise that Ayurveda uses roses as a remedy for the heart.  Roses balance Pitta, and particularly Sadhaka Pitta, which is the subdosha of Pitta that governs the emotions and their effect on the heart.  In the summer time, Pitta can easily go out of balance, so it's a good time to break out the roses!  Roses are cooling, and yet they enhance agni, the digestive fire.  This quality makes roses balancing for all three doshas.  Rose water is used to cool, moisturize and tone the skin.  And the fragrance of the rose enlivens inner beauty as well.  If you feel your anger rising, or your Pitta getting out of control, sniff some rose petals and watch the heat of the moment subside.  Roses also intensify the experience of happiness and bliss!  You can use dried rose petals to make a tea, or put rose petals in your bath water to help distribute the essence of rose to your mind and body.

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