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Helping Widows in India

There is a movie out now called “Water" which is about the plight of widowed women in India.  I have only seen the previews so far, but my heart goes out to these women and the circumstances in which they must live.  I was thinking about how I could help, when a friend sent me an e-mail about this man who is doing just that.  Joe Curiale was watching a segment on CNN about the farmers in India who are so desperate and in debt that they are committing suicide, and leaving their families behind.  Joe then went to India and met some of these families in person, and donated his own money to pay off their debts and essentially free them.  Once their debts are paid, these women can use their income to learn job skills so that they can support their children.  A little bit goes a long way in India, and although the need is great, Joe is doing what he can by helping one family at a time.  To learn more about his story, and how you can get involved with this cause, visit Joe's website:


or http://www.josephcuriale.com

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