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The Sri Yantra

A yantra is a geometric figure from the Vedic tradition.  It is a visual expression of a mantra, or sacred sound.  The Shri Yantra represents the mantra “OM"which loosely translated means All, or the Universal.  This yantra is composed of many triangles, some of which pass through each other to form new triangles.  The triangles that point upward represent masculine energy, or Shiva.  The downward pointing triangles represent feminine energy, or Shakti.  Creation comes from the combination of male and female energy.  Vedic tradition says that life is the co-existence of opposites, and this is just one example.

By meditating on the Shri Yantra we bring balance to our lives.  We can create peace and harmony recognizing the balance of masculine and feminine in our world and in ourselves.

To see an illustration of the Shri Yantra, visit psmeditation.com and scroll down to click on“Visual Meditations."

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