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Ayurveda and Relationships

Ayurveda is “The Science of Life." And life is all about relationships. It's about our relationship with our selves, our environment and all the people in our lives. Ayurveda can teach us how to get along with anyone, anytime, anywhere, because when we understand the principles behind this science, we are more understanding and accepting of a person's nature. We become better people because we learn to love “what is", rather than what we think “should be." This whole concept is what led me to write “What's Your Dosha, Baby?" In it you'll find lots of information to improve your love life, but also ways for you to better work with people, parent your children, and be a friend. Today is my birthday. I would love it if you would help me celebrate by buying yourself a gift, my book! Amazon has it for just $9.72 now, that's 35% off the cover price. It is my dharma to bring Ayurveda to the western world, and you can help me do that. If you already have the book, consider getting another one and donating it to your local library so that we can help others to learn about this beautiful science. Thank you!

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