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Most of you know that I'm a big movie buff.  I have movie reviews that I post on familyeveryday.com.  And I love India, and all things about India.  So when a movie comes out about India, or that was made in India, I go to see it!  The Indian film industry is known as “Bollywood," and they have made some wonderful movies.  Because of the societal traditions, here are some onscreen rules that are followed, including no kissing.  This is a big contrast to American films which typically display more than we want to see at times!  I love the songs, and the colorful costumes, and the delightful dialogue.  The most recent Bollywood style film I saw was “Bride and Prejudice," with Aishwarya Rai.  She is the biggest star in India right now, and is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world.  We'll be seeing lots more from her lately, as Hollywood has come courting her!

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