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The Doshas at Work

In any work environment, whether it's in an office, a store, a committee or a club, it is best to have all of the doshas represented.  When there is a nice balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha types working together, then the most amount of work will get done in the shortest period of time.  Vatas are the creative ones, the “idea" people.  They'll get things started.  Pittas are the leaders, and the organizers.  They'll come up with a plan to turn the creative idea into something tangible.  Kaphas are the dependable ones.  They'll make sure the work gets done and that the project comes to completion.  You can imagine how out of balance a committee would be with all of one type of dosha on it.  Vatas would sit around brain-storming all day.  Pittas would argue about who should be the project manager.  And Kaphas would have a nice time socializing.  But in combination, the doshas use their strengths and can end up with some pretty wonderful achievements!

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